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LEAD-GEN, PRE-SALES SERVICES to drive and convert clients

Generate high-quality leads through strategic marketing approaches.

LeadGen: The Bedrock of Growth

B2B clients are forever in the need for leads. Most B2C clients are looking for instant online sales. Some, though, are looking for leads (e.g., education, insurance, automobiles). So, all clients seeking a good digital marketing approach, are actually looking for high-quality leads and a continuously flowing funnel. We get it. Which is why we follow a truly results-oriented lead-gen approach to everything that we do.


Whether it is owned, earned or paid media, a brand must be able to create an impact with all its assets online. This is even more true for digital brands whose primary playground is digital. Our experienced team of designers, developers, creative wizards and media pros, excel at crafting a framework to help customers discover your brand online, and drive consumer journeys that translate into real results.

Offline Engagement

Many-a-time consumer journeys start offline first, like seeing a new car on the road can lead to online searches. In many cases, the reverse is true, like an educational institute that may be discovered online but is likely to be visited offline before the admission. Either way, the journeys are both online & offline. And this is something that we specialize in, and marry the two worlds to win over customers.

Funnel Management

Everyone knows that a hot lead can quickly turn stone-cold if not addressed within the first 24 hours. This is especially true of warm leads that aren’t addressed with the right kind of communication at the right time. With a razor-sharp focus on driving sales, we understand the importance of not just filling up the funnel but also of keeping it warm all the time, and help brands convert prospects into consumers.

B2B Key Person Meetings

Many B2B clients are stuck with the problem of finding the right prospects, trying to reach them, and finally being able to meet them and win them over as a client. Being an agency, we ourselves are forever seeking to meet prospective clients, and we have not just overcome this issue but have also developed it into a practice to help our clients find, engage & get business meeting with key prospects.



  • As a full-service agency which is driving your entire marketing effort, we not just provide a strategic road map for success, we also execute the same with our comprehensive creative, media, technology tools solutions.


  • We also work on a project basis with clients where we feel we can actually make a business impact for them. Whether online or offline, or pure tech-development, all our projects are focused on solving a marketing challenge. 


  • LeadGen & B2B Handshakes are specialized services offered by us. With a mix of digital platforms, our own databases & proprietary tools, and hybrid models involving both offline & online approaches, we get the leads flowing.



We start with understanding your business challenges & issues, and your goals.


Next, we do a dive-dive to research and create a plan along with timelines & budgets.


Based upon your suggestions, our inputs and final approvals, the plan is put into effect.


Ongoing tracking of campaign performance & optimization to ensure desired results.